Investigative Accounting

Realizing that either you or your firm may be a victim of financial fraud can be a traumatic time. Perhaps you have noticed financial discrepancies or irregularities, or you just have a ‘gut-feeling’ that something is wrong.

Our team of forensic accountants, fraud examiners and researchers experts in their respective disciplines and have extensive industry experience dealing with a wide range of cases involving both discrepancies and outright fraud. They are well-versed in creating and implementing bespoke strategies which will prevent both internal and external fraud from reoccurring.

After our findings are presented, if legal recourse is the only possible resolution we will work actively with either the relevant authority or clients themselves and will stand as expert witnesses to testify about the specifics of the crime uncovered during our investigation.

During our years of operation, as a firm we have worked with both the private and public sector, with Fortune 500 companies and Government Regulatory bodies alike. For more information please check out the Case Studies.

Our professionals provide services to businesses, attorneys, insurance companies and individuals to assist them in detecting, preventing and investigating fraudulent behavior and financial crimes.

Our quality service offerings include claims review, economic damage calculations, financial exploitation, fraud awareness training, fraud detection, internal controls examination and litigation support & consulting.

Claims Review

Examining claims takes time, money and other valuable resources. Howard Hagen PAC & Co.’s team of claim reviewers has the expertise and experience to handle claim review for your insurance company.

Economic Damage Calculations

Howard Hagen PAC & Co.’s economic damage professionals quantify financial damages sustained by a business or individual due to a damaging event or actions of others. We calculate damages and losses, prepare reports and provide expert witness testimony on behalf of attorneys and insurance companies.

Financial Exploitation

Vulnerable individuals who cannot manage their own finances are often at risk for financial exploitation by a caregiver, friend, relative or even stranger. Howard Hagen PAC & Co.’s forensic accounting team provides investigative services to uncover the facts.

Fraud Awareness Training

Employee theft is a major concern for employers. One of the best ways to prevent fraud and theft is through awareness training. Howard Hagen PAC & Co. provides fraud awareness training that will provide your staff with skills to prevent, detect and investigate fraud.

Internal Controls Examination

An internal controls examination evaluates the strengths and weaknesses of your existing controls over your organization’s assets. During a typical two-day process, we interview your employees, examine your internal controls and analyze your risk for fraud. Howard Hagen PAC & Co.’s forensic specialists provide you with recommendations you need to safeguard your assets.

Litigation Support & Consulting

Howard Hagen PAC & Co.’s forensic accounting team provides litigation support and consulting to attorneys. We can assist you in compiling the evidence and data needed to build your case, provide expert witness testimony and consult on the complex issues involved in litigation involving finances.

Fraud Detection & Investigation

Our fraud detection investigators can conduct a fraud examination to determine if your business is making the money it should. If you know fraud has occurred, a fraud professional will document the occurrence. Typically, a fraud investigator is called in when you have received a tip, a red flag or are concerned about transactions in the business that do not appear to be business-related.