Individual Accounting Services

Financial Advisory Services

In today’s challenging business setting, influenced by the continuing economic slowdown, the way we engage in business will have changed ceaselessly. Traditional systems of dealing and conventional suppositions of value no longer work.

What is important is working with a reliable partner for the most suitable approach backed by broad expertise to help you navigate through the complexities of growing the business. To be successful in this endeavor, you need a strong business partner like Howard Hagen PAC & Co.

Our expert team can help you identify the most reasonable and practicable strategy to proficiently operate the enterprise with informed decisions in relation to valuation and financial strength. With decades of practical experience, financial and operational capabilities, commendable credentials and goal-driven team focus you’ll be working closely with visionary business leaders.

Our financial advisory services include:

  • Regular assessment of the enterprise, operational requirements, financial facilities and business opportunities

  • Evaluation of the strategic focus and implementation, including recalibration of enterprise plans

  • Assessment and revision of the periodic enterprise plan and funding requirements

  • Assessment and revision of the sales, productivity and operating capital and other financing necessities

  • Support for the enterprise in determining, strategizing, configuring and dealing with each prospective sale, acquisition or corporate partnership engagements

  • Support for the enterprise in finding out and dealing with prospective financing sources, as well as the public markets, in relation to acquisitions, expansion, partner buyouts, IPOs, and re-financings

  • Support for the enterprise in finding out relevant global resources in the fields of law and its many specialties, accounting, banking and finance, investments, sales and marketing, insurance and consulting