Corporate Accounting Services

Financial Valuation

Enterprises are dealt with perplexing business valuation issues daily. By delivering independent valuations with precise, applicable engagements, Howard Hagen PAC & Co. can help you recognize the total beneficial outcome of your business decisions.

Our expert team determines enterprise value and stakeholder interests, and we provide relevant assessment services for a variety of investment engagements, financial transactions, tax activities and other business endeavors.

Our valuation services include: intensive valuation assessment of business enterprises and their assets for purposes of sale, acquisition and merger transactions; rational market value estimations and reports for taxation requirements; adaptation of enterprise units; fairness opinions; valuations; legal assistance and expert authentication in relation to enterprise issues; valuing operating assets for allotment of buy and sale ratings; and valuation discount options in relation to fractional interests in units.

While most will indicate that enterprise valuation is mathematical in nature, the truth is that such evaluation and assessment is a combination of multidisciplinary skills. Insightful information and strategic decisions affect the result.

When determining the value of your enterprise or its assets, it is crucial to have assertion that the obtained information are examined thoroughly and that the assessment is not based on speculations but insight obtained from solid experience engaging with enterprises just like yours. Whatever your objective for the enterprise valuation, it is ideal to consider this more than a routine operational exercise, but a procedure that could have a substantial influence on your decisions and targets on what is definitely your most important financial asset.