About Us

Who we are...

We are ready to help you grow your business and we have our dedicated Team

Our team of experienced principals; chartered accountants, chartered tax advisors and registered auditors, provide expert advice and support to private clients and their businesses helping them to achieve their financial goals.

Our aim is to always provide the very highest level of service possible in everything that we do. We invest time and effort into making absolutely sure that we understand a client’s business and its needs so as to tailor our approach and the advice that we give to achieve optimum results.

Our Ethos
Wherever you are in your business lifecycle our aim is to help you make better informed business decisions with greater confidence. This ensures that the business fulfils its potential and you achieve your personal goals.

To ensure we tailor our approach to your business we always start by gaining a thorough understanding of you and your business. This ensures we provide you with the expert accountancy and tax advice that you and your business requires. We want to become a trusted partner, people who you can turn to for strategic business advice and insights into how to develop your business.

We apply our ethos by following these simple steps:
  • Build an in-depth knowledge of you and your business.
  • Analyze, challenge and interpret your numbers to make them truly meaningful.
  • Help you formulate a sound strategy and implementation plan.
  • Offer practical implementation through planned and responsive support, including delivering the specific services required to achieve your objectives.
  • Assign one of our experienced and knowledgeable principals as your advisor and single point of contact – it’s always the same person.
  • Allocate an accomplished support team with relevant experience and technical expertise to meet the requirements.
Who we work with

Our expertise is in working with business owner managers especially where there is no financial director, helping them to develop a business plan offering astute business advice by interpreting the numbers to ensure the continued growth of the business. We also work with U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies as well as private individual clients and companies with regulatory requirements.

Clients often come to us asking for initial financial or business advice, then continue to use us for all their accountancy needs. We are proud to remain part of that business lifecycle throughout its working life into retirement, a fact that we believe stands as testament to the excellent quality of the work that we deliver, but also the empathy and trust that we achieve in client relationships.

Business sectors

At Howard Hagen PAC & Co., we work with many owner managed business helping them to develop their business in a wide range of sectors ranging from family businesses and small independent retailers to property developers and estate agents, alongside schools and not for profit organizations.

Each of our principal partners boast particular expertise in specific sectors so there is a tangible benefit in using accountants who know and understand your sector. Equally as all businesses go through similar lifecycles, we believe that we have a unique empathy and insight into the business lifecycle allowing us to draw upon all our experience when advising a client.

Since we take a keen interest in our clients’ business we find that the relationship is at its most useful when regular face to face meetings can be easily facilitated. For this reason, geographic location does play a part and most of our clients are based in and around the area of Europe, North America & Asia.

Our Process

Our process has been honed over many years, it is the foundation of all our relationships. Despite the fact that no two businesses are the same and may have vastly differing challenges or requirements, it has proved itself an invaluable tool time and again.


1 Understand your business

  • What you do – services/products
  • Financial and taxation position
  • Business model
  • Points of pain
  • Objectives

2 Understand you

  • Your financial and taxation position
  • Personal goals
  • Financial requirements

3 Understand your numbers

  • Actual financial and taxation position
  • Financial model today
  • How your business functions according to the numbers


4 Feedback/Insights

  • Match the numbers to your business objectives and personal goals
  • Highlight opportunities
  • Analyze obstacles

5 Open Dialogue

  • An open forum to discuss ideas for the future numbers

Strategy & Plan

6 Outline the future

  • Agree the business model
  • Agree your business objectives
  • Agree your personal goals
  • Agree the journey

7 Implementation plans

  • Short term requirements
  • Long term plan
  • Actions
  • Clear timelines
  • Milestones
  • Internal resource
  • Budget – financial commitments
  • Match our services to meet the requirements of the plans


8 Practical implementations

  • Internal management
  • Internal controls
  • Clear lines of communication
  • Execute compliance work
  • Planned support
  • Reactive support
  • Review progress to stay on track

Ongoing Support

9 Planned ongoing support

  • Direct and regular access to one main point of contact
  • Practical day to day advice
  • Regular reviews against your business objectives
  • Forward planning with a focus on risk mitigation

Measure • Monitor • Empower • Improve